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Payments To You
What Methods Of Payment Can I Request To?
Can I Get Paid By PayPal?
What is the payout minimum and when?
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How To Use A Traffic Exchange
What is a traffic exchange?
How Do I Receive Hits To My Website?
How Does The Chat In The Surfbar Work?
Payments To Traffic Humanoid
Can I Pay YOU By PayPal?
Can I Buy Advertising Or Upgrade With a Mailed In Money Order or USD Cash?
Can I Pay By Credit Or Debit Card?
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Traffic Humanoid Administration
Who Is The Admin of Traffic Humanoid?
What is the theme of the site?
Where Is Traffic Humanoid Administration / Site Server Located?
Signup Bonuses
I just surfed 5000 sites and did not get my $0.30 per 1000. Whats wrong?
I surfed 1000 sites and got my free 1 day upgrade once, but I surfed another 1000 and did NOT get the free upgrade again. Whats wrong?
I just signed up and surfed 100 sites and did not get my signup bonus!!!
What Advertising Is Acceptable On Traffic Humanoid?
How Do I Play The Te Murder Mystery Game?
Why Does Murder Mystery Game Come Up as "User Does Not Exist" when I try to play it?
Upgrade Questions
Someone in my downline is Godmode. Why have I not received sales commissions from them?
I Will Not Promote You Anymore Because Your Investor Upgrade Is Offensive Because Of Its Price! Who do you think you are?
Why Is The Creators Club Upgrade $10,000?
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New Site Features
When Will Team Surfing and Personal Messaging Coming To Traffic Humanoid?
Every Site I Surf Or Try To Add Is Banned. Why?
No Downline Sales Commissions Showing In Account

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