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Payments To You
Can I Get Paid By PayPal?
What Methods Of Payment Can I Request To?
What is the payout minimum and when?
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How To Use A Traffic Exchange
How Does The Chat In The Surfbar Work?
What is a traffic exchange?
How Do I Receive Hits To My Website?
Payments To Traffic Humanoid
Can I Pay YOU By PayPal?
Can I Pay By Bitcoin?
Can I Pay By Credit Or Debit Card?
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Traffic Humanoid Administration
Who Is The Admin of Traffic Humanoid?
What is the theme of the site?
Where Is Traffic Humanoid Administration / Site Server Located?
Signup Bonuses
I just surfed 1000 sites and did not get my Free Upgrade Whats wrong?
I just signed up and surfed 100 sites and did not get my signup bonus!!!
What Advertising Is Acceptable On Traffic Humanoid?
How Long Does It Take For My Ad To Be Approved?
15 Seconds Is Too Long To Wait To Surf!!!
How Do I Play The Te Murder Mystery Game?
Why Does Murder Mystery Game Come Up as "User Does Not Exist" when I try to play it?
Upgrade Questions
I Purchased an Upgrade Awhile Ago, but I see my account has been dropped back down to my previous member level. Why?
I was a Zombie Upgrade Member. Why am I showing as Infinite Being?
New Site Features
When will you be adding Active Surfer or Rotator and Link Cloaker or any other new features to the site?
Every Site I Surf Or Try To Add Is Banned. Why?
No Downline Sales Commissions Showing In Account

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