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Can I Pay YOU By PayPal?


I lost my verified main PayPal account in January 2019. I used to have an "under the radar" secret unverified PayPal account and did use that for awhile until some idiot decided to post it publicly online for the world to see. After that PayPal closed that account too.

Long story short NO I cannot accept PayPal directly anymore. However there are 2 loopholes!

1. Through our credit/debit card processor you can pay with PayPal. Select the credit/debit card payment option when checking out and you will eventually find a PayPal option. I do not have access to this PayPal account, it is owned by the processor. 

2. If you have a fully verified PayPal account AND have the PayPal Debit Card you can use that to make a purchase through our credit/debit card processing system. That way you can still pay with your PayPal account balance even if I don't have PayPal!

In either case above, there IS an added payment processing fee that will be added to your order. This does not go to me, it goes to the payment processor for their service.  


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