Traffic Humanoid Terms

By registering for Traffic Humanoid you agree that you have read these terms, understand them, and agree to be bound by them.

Unless you received prior permission from Traffic Humanoid, you may only register for one Traffic Humanoid account.

You may not promote Traffic Humanoid in a way that could be considered spamming. You may only promote your referral URL and/or other promotional material in other traffic exchanges or advertising programs that allow it. Promoting Traffic Humanoid in a way that could be considered spamming will result in removal of your Traffic Humanoid account and possible legal action.

Users are completely responsible for the content they promote using Traffic Humanoid. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the rights to promote a URL, and any content it contains. Traffic Humanoid is not responsible if a user is in violation of another legal agreement, copyright infringement, or any other issues.

URL Rules

Before submitting a URL to Traffic Humanoid, please read these rules very carefully and make sure your URL does not violate any of them. If you violate any of these rules, your site will be suspended and/or deleted along with any credits assigned to them. Your Traffic Humanoid account may also be deleted.

*No sites that take LONGER than 15 seconds to fully load.

*No WIX, Weebly, or any other "free" website hosting sites. (EXCEPTION: If your site is on the PAID upgraded versions of these services on a real paid domain name, these are acceptable.)

*No sites with a ridiculous number of popups or redirects or link cloaking.

*No sites that their server is down or no longer active. You are free to resubmit your site once it goes back to live mode.

*No sites that are "Coming Soon". Finish your website first and THEN advertise.

*No sites with illegal activity.

*No frame-breaking sites.

*No viruses, Trojans, or spyware.

*No adult content.

*Rotators may be promoted only if all sites or banners in rotation comply with these terms.

*No HYIPs or "investment autosurfs". These are illegal in most countries, including the United States.

*Traffic Humanoid has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate or questionable.

Payments TO or FROM Traffic Humanoid and Refund Policy

*All Payments TO Traffic Humanoid for upgrades or credit purchases are NON REFUNDABLE! If you purchase one type of upgrade and then buy a different one you will NOT get a refund for the other one.

*Any attempts to chargeback or otherwise reverse your payments to Traffic Humanoid will be cause for your account to be suspended forever.

*Commission Balance Payments directly paid FROM Traffic Humanoid have been permanently suspended as of July 5th 2019. The ONLY EXCEPTION IS IF YOU HAVE THE VAMPIRE UPGRADE. Members instead are allowed to sell their earned credits or cash balance to other members for any payment method they choose or use it as an incentive to refer new members. A cash "commission" balance can be used to purchase anything (such as advertising and temporary 1 day 24 hour Infinite Being upgrades) on the site except the Lifetime Infinite Being, Spellcaster, or Vampire Upgrades. Funds from upgrade and any non instant/commission paid purchases are used to pay for website hosting, upgrades and script perks or new features for members to use and enjoy as well as for the Admin's time on working on the site.

VAMPIRE UPGRADE PAYOUTS EXCEPTION: The monthly $88 a Month OR $528 per Year Vampire upgrade entitles a currently active paying member to receive up to 50% rebate back from your downline members Vampire upgrade purchase. You will not receive any rebate payment back from your membership payment if its just you and no members in your downline who purchased the Vampire upgrade while in your downline. Only Vampire members receive an actual cash payout. Also members of this membership MAY on a whim as a suprise get their full or a partial payment off their current earned commissions balence as a thank you for being a member. It depends entirely on site sales however.

Traffic Humanoid Rights and Responsibilities

*Traffic Humanoid staff has the right to change ANY aspect of our advertising service or website without warning or notice to you the member at any time.

Privacy Policy

*We DO NOT share or sell your information. You are only contacted with site information and related sales and/or activities and protect your data securely.

Last Updated: August 27th 2020

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